Plasma cleaner

Contamination control for E-Beam Review, E-Beam Inspection and CD-SEM

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SEMI-KLEEN for semiconductor grade cleanness

Many unique features on SEMI-KLEEN plasma cleaner are specifically tailored for the requirements of semiconductor capital equipment industry. Fully automatic design can support seamless integration into everyday tool operation for E-Beam Review (EBR), E-Beam Inspection (EBI) and CD-SEM tools. Please contact us for details on our proprietary cleaning solutions for semiconductor industry. Following unique features are essential for hydrocarbon contamination removal for EBI, EBR and CD-SEMs.

  • High efficiency discharge technology. Our plasma cleaner can ignite and sustain plasma discharge at a source pressure lower than 0.1mtorr---one to two orders of magnitude lower than competitors. Only high efficiency plasma source can operate at such a low pressure. Semiconductor capital equipment usually has much larger chamber size than analytical SEMs.
  • Low pressure operation also lets turbo pump run at lower power, thus, improves pump lifetime.
  • Proprietary low-particle plasma source design can meet the PWP requirement from the toughest customers like Intel, Samsung and TSMC.
  • Automatic impedance matching and close-loop gas delivery system provide consistent and reliable cleaning performance.
  • EMI reduction feature guarantees that no EMI will be coupled to column or electronics no matter where the controller is installed on the electronics rack.