Small, smart and powerful downstream plasma cleaners

EM-KLEEN downstream plasma cleaner for SEM and FIB EM-KLEEN plasma cleaner controller

EM-KLEEN remote plasma source and controller

EM-KLEEN remote plasma cleaner can be used to clean samples and vacuum chambers for electron microscopes and other type analytical instruments, such SEM, FIB, TEM, XPS and SIMS. It can effectively remove hydrocarbon and flurocarbon contaminations inside the high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum chamber, improve the ultimate vacuum level and reduce the pump-down time. It can also remove organic contaminations on the samples surface before surface imaging and analysis. The system consists of a resistive LCD touchscreen controller with embedded microcomputer and a remote plasma source. Remote plasma source should be installed on the vacuum chamber to be cleaned. Standard vacuum interface port is NW/KF40 flange. Adapters for different SEM port are available. CF2.75" flange options is also available.

EM-KLEEN is a fully automatic plasma source. The design is intuitive and versatile. Despite its small size, EM-KLEEN remote plasma source has integrated a pirani pressure sensor, an automatic gas flow controller, a plasma intensity sensor, a temperature sensor and a cooling fan. Flow controller automatically adjust gas flow rate to maintain user specified pressure inside the plasma cleaner chamber. Miniature pressure sensor constantly monitors the sample chamber pressure. It can be used as a safety interlock trigger in the safe operation mode and to count sample loading events for SmartSchedule™ feature. Cooling fan enables high-power high-speed cleaning without causing source overheat. Temperature sensor provides another interlock protection against source overheat during prolonged cleaning at high power. Plasma strength sensor measures the plasma strength in realtime, users are not blind to plasma status anymore.

With pressure sensor, automatic gas flow controller, plasma sensor, temperature sensor and LCD touchscreen controller with embedded microprocessor working in tandem, EM-KLEEN plasma cleaner can take care of your system automatically and provide protection against potential user mistakes. SmartClean™ technology developed by PIE Scientific combines the state-of-the-art plasma source design technology developed in nuclear research and in semiconductor industry. EM-KLEEN plasma cleaners are far more advanced than previous generations of remote plasma cleaners. Additionally, many unique features are only available on our product.

SEM chamber cleaning with remote plasma source SEM chamber cleaning with remote plasma source

10 minute long scan before and after SEM chamber cleaning

SEM and TEM sample cleaning using EM-KLEEN plasma cleaner SEM and TEM sample cleaning using EM-KLEEN plasma cleaner

Remove carbon mark created in previous scan with 2-minute plasma cleaning. No more dark scan mark on this sample after 6-minute plasma cleaning. Cleaning speed is 3~5X faster than competitors using the same sample on the same SEM system.

Feature list:

  • Low pressure high efficiency plasma discharge technology originated from the research work carried out in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Instant plasma ignition at extremely low pressure. User never needs to worry about whether plasma ignites or not.
  • Electronic gas flow control with pressure sensor feedback control. User can directly specify different source operating pressure. Plasma cleaner will maintain the set pressure by automatically adjusting gas flow through a servo feedback control loop provided by the pressure sensor.
  • Plasma probe monitors the plasma strength to guide user to setup optimal recipe. Optimal gas flow can vary with different system pumping speed and chamber size. Our plasma cleaner gives user the freedom to change gas flow electronically and optimize the source pressure based on the feedback from the plasma strength probe.
  • 75Watt rf power at 13.56MHz.
  • Microcomputer with touchscreen user interface.
  • Intuitive remote PC control user interface through RS232/RS485 protocol.
  • Intelligent "Safe operation mode" and "Expert operation mode" with user customizable warning message. Very useful feature if the electron or ion microscope is shared by many inexperienced users.
  • Customizable SmartScheule function on the microcomputer can take care of your system autonomously.
  • Support 60 customizable recipes.
  • Active fan cooling for high power high speed cleaning
  • Overtemperature interlock protection.
  • Easy to carry controller. System can be easily moved between different systems.