Plasma cleaner

Plasma ion source based on RF and microwave discharge technologies

Plasma ion source, LMIS and GFIS are three common types of ion sources. LMIS and GFIS have excellent source brightness. Therefore they are widely used in high resolution ion beam imaging and micromaching applications. However, total current from LMIS and GFIS is many orders of magnitude lower than plasma ion sources. If feature size is larger than 50nm, plasma ion source can achieve much higher throughput than LMIS and GFIS.

T shape plasma ion source for improved ion extraction

Plasma ion source can generate different kinds of ions by changing process gases. In addition, plasma ion sources are capable of generating negative ion species combined with mass filter.

We have extensive experience in designing customized high brightness plasma ion soruces and ion optics column for research laboratories in universities and industries. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Extracted argon and kryption current density through 1mm aperture

Hydrogen positive ion current density through 1mm aperture from mini ion source

Resist exposure image on ion projection system IPLM-02 in Berlin equiped with our low energy spread ion source

Parallel patterning with low energy spread ion source on MMRL system in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory