Gax mixer

Gas mixer for SEMI-KLEEN and EM-KLEEN series remote plasma source.

Three port gas mixer

Front view of three-port gas mixer

SEMI-KLEEN or EM-KLEEN series remote plasma source can only accept one gas input. For some research projects, user may need to mix multiple process gases for SEMI-KLEEN or EM-KLEEN remote plasma source. Three-port gas mixer listed here integrates up to three mass flow controlled gas input ports, one venting/bypass pumping port and one mixed gas output port. The gas output port should be connected to gas input port on the SEMI-KLEEN or EM-KLEEN remote plasma cleaners. Venting/bypass pumping port offers a high conductance pumping route to evacuate gas tubing if high purity gas delivery is required.

Three port gas mixer

Backside of the gas mixer.


  • Touchscreen user interface
  • Up to three mass flow controlled gas input port
  • Venting/bypassing port for venting chamber and pumping down gas tubing at high speed.
  • Flow rate compensation for different gas species
  • Integrated timer
  • 110~230V universal AC power input.

  • Operation of three-port gas mixers: